Trail definition, to drag or let drag along the ground or other surface draw or drag along behind see more. History the arizona trail was the dream of dale shewalter who envisioned a cross-state trail in the 1970s, and in 1985, while he was working as a flagstaff schoolteacher, walked from nogales to the utah state line to explore the feasibility of a trail traversing arizona. Tri l (trī′əl, trīl) n 1 law a a proceeding in which opposing parties in a dispute present evidence and make arguments on the application of the law before a judge or jury: the case is expected to go to trial b. Hiking trails door trail 075 miles/12 km (round trip) easy an accessible ¼ mile boardwalk leads through a break in the badlands wall known as the door and to a view of the badlands. A trail is a pedestrian path or road mainly used for walking, but often also for cycling, cross-country skiing or other activities some trails are off-limits to everyone other than hikers, and few trails allow motorized vehicles.

trail Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.

Trailforks is a platform for riding associations to keep track of trail conditions, builders to log work & riders to share and plan their rides about page. Trail is a 670km walk, made along the length of sri lanka honouring and helping those fighting cancer we take to the trail again this year after the success of our inaugural walk in 2011. The pacific crest trail is one of the best trail experiences on earth we’re on a mission to protect it forever join us. Description the trail will lead you to adventure and fortune join our pioneers on a vast journey across country unknown set forth to reach the town of eden falls - explore, craft, collect, trade, discover, and eventually settle and build.

2018 ragnar relay captain’s checklist a ragnar relay captain is a very special person, some may call them a saint this person is a combination of the soccer mom who always remembers to pack the oranges, your company’s most organized spreadsheet wizard, and a mentor. The trail is waiting the appalachian trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, ranging from maine to georgia use the interactive map below to explore the trail, find shelters, locate parking and more. A trail is usually a path, track or unpaved lane or road in the united kingdom and the republic of ireland path or footpath is the preferred term for a walking trail the term is also applied, in north america, to routes along rivers, and sometimes to highwaysin the us, the term was historically used for a route into or through wild territory used by emigrants (eg the oregon trail. Trail searches and locates information collected in an archive of more than 180 texas state agency web servers after clicking the submit search button, you will leave this site and enter the archive-it search results page.

The best way to find bike trails, walking trails and other outdoor activities find trail maps, photos, reviews, driving directions and hotels on traillink. The puget sound student newspaper horoscopes for october 12 fall break is here and puget sound outdoors is here to help: rent equipment or join a trip. Synonyms for trail at thesauruscom with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions find descriptive alternatives for trail.

Fairfax county, virginia - the fairfax county park authority is the steward of the county's numerous natural, cultural and recreational resources managing over 22,000 acres of land, the park authority is the leading provider of recreational facilities in the region. An email trail or thread is an email message and a running list of all of the subsequent replies pertaining to the original emailgetting back to your question, mail can be considered a mass noun (much like sand, rice, and money), meaning that it can be tricky figuring out when and when not to pluralize the word. The appalachian trail is a 2,180+ mile long public footpath that traverses the scenic, wooded, pastoral, wild, and culturally resonant lands of the appalachian mountains conceived in 1921, built by private citizens, and completed in 1937, today the trail is managed by the national park service, us. Trail sisters mission is to grow women's participation and opportunity in trail running through inspiration, education and empowerment.


Know the details before you go browse hand-curated trail maps as well as trail reviews, photos and activity recordings contributed by a community of hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners and more. Trail running is a great way to combine running and the outdoors use this resource to find trail races near you, learn how to thrive in trail running races. Find the best hiking, biking, running and outdoor trails near you over 60,000 trail guides and detailed topography maps available including state and national parks search trail reviews or browse photos from our growing outdoor community join today. Missoula's quality rock this week, we send you trekking on a trail rich with history in the rugged badlands along the missouri river breaks.

  • Chase, pursue, follow, trail mean to go after or on the track of something or someone chase implies going swiftly after and trying to overtake something fleeing or running a dog chasing a cat pursue suggests a continuing effort to overtake, reach, or attain pursued the criminal through narrow streets follow puts less emphasis upon speed or intent to overtake.
  • Travel the great trail your way whether you are looking for a place to hike, cycle, paddle, ride, cross-country ski or snowmobile, you can find an experience that resonates with you.

Please take note the donut shops on the donut trail have varying days of operation and hours please be sure to check the shop’s website or facebook page for current days and hours of operation while planning your trip. This is the place to find hiking trails, mountain bike trails, road biking routes, running trails, walking trails, snowshoe trails, paddle routes, rail trails or just about any other type of outdoor activity. Definition of trail - a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something, a long thin part or line stretching beh.

trail Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. trail Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. trail Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time. trail Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.
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